Week 36 - 42 - 04/10/2022

The past month has been the busiest month ever in the history of Cobogo. We have been building 2 products at the same time while building relations with future partners that will turn out to be other 2 new products. The team went to Devcon, where we met with many different investors, interesting projects and potential partners.

Cobogo Social

Soon the new version of Cobogo Social will be published. We have updated it plenty of times, added Social Media connections, the design is new and the UX has been optimized.

Cobogo Investment DAO

The Cobogo team has been working hard with a partner - which is the best in the world in what they do - to form an investment DAO, this is going to be huge for the Creator Economy, with unique investments being decided by the community of Creators.

Cobogo Fundraise

We have been talking to two potential partners, one that acts in the US legislation and one that works with the Swiss regulation. These partners already have their technologies established and are fully compliant. These are excellent options for any Creator to access scalable equity financing.

Cobogo Start

We have been talking with a key partner that will allow Creators to incorporate in Delaware with a super easy UX that we have already designed. We are discussing and prospecting future partnerships with Swiss partners.

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