Week 44 - 05/12/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from November 29th, 2022, to December 5th, 2022

Cobogo Social

We have been working on improving Cobogo Social in a way to encompass not only Content Creators but also media agencies and other pages that are not represented by a "person", like humor pages and digital newsstands.

Pitch Deck

This week we have worked hard on our pitch deck, listening to feedback and making some improvements to it. Our main goal is to make it self-explanatory and visually appealing in a way that summarises the key points in a very visual and concise way that keeps all the information in a single flow.

Origami DAO

As last week's updates mentioned, we've been working closely with Origami DAO to develop our own Creator DAO. This week, we have started structuring our DAO's Discord and our chatbot, which will help smooth the interaction between our community members.


Regarding development, we have worked on fixing bugs in Cobogo Social and also on protecting API routes against possible attacks. We have also made some minor edits to the profiles, the search mechanism, and the signup buttons.


This documentation has been constantly updated to fit our new scope. We have also been working on translating key documents and articles to Portuguese, as we have decided to focus our launch on Brazilian Creators.

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