Week 7 - 11/02/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from February 5th, 2021, to February 11th, 2022


We have finally launched our own discord server!

Come join us, invite your friends, and YouTubers that you think would benefit from cobogo.

We're working on building our community and would love to hear your feedback and inputs in there.

New Docs Page

We've added another docs page to help YouTube Creators join our wait list and onboard our dapp. Check it out here.

New Default Wallet

We've decided to set Tally as our default wallet for the upcoming dapp. Tally is a wallet run by its users and it's designed to empower communities, so we believe they're in sync with our values.

Check out the new mockups:

New Investment Round

We have decided to add an extra Investment Round, a Pre-Seed, to help fund cobogo's deployment.

This round will be better explained in this upcoming week, but you can read what has been defined so far here.

New proposal for Drips

We have added a new proposal for the integration of Drips Network. You can read it here.

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