This is the team that is currently working on Cobogo

Giovana Simão - Co-founder & CEO

Giovana a Creator, and a reference in the crypto market in Brazil. She was elected by Forbes as one of the top 5 most influential woman in the crypto market in Brazil.

André Pannos - Co-founder & COO

André is a producer, with 10 years of experience working with marketing for startups, where technology is an instrument for freedom.

Pedro Alves (P.) - Co-founder & CFO

Pedro is a multilingual economist, with a master's degree in Economics (DeFi). He has been involved with crypto since 2016, and has experience with integrations. He has been working as a blockchain researcher and now as CEO in the Creator Economy for 2 years.

Rafael Lima - Co-founder

Rafael is a 'hacker of life', yogi, digital entrepreneur, software developer, and investor in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He has founded tech companies in Brazil in the financial, software, and metaverse fields.


Mikael Carrara - Designer

Mikael is an UI/UX designer with skills in front-end and mobile development.


Isabela Reis - Technical Writer

Isabela is a PhD student in Social Psychology, responsible for the documentation, creating content, writing Medium articles, as well as the cobogo’s team relationship with the community.

Thiago - Developer

Thiago is a full stack developer focused on the JavaScript ecosystem and web applications development, seeking to be constantly evolving his knowledge within the subject, focusing on modern technologies for web2, and studying web3 technologies.

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