What is cobogo?

Creator Investment Ecosystem

Creator Investment Ecosystem

We are an ecosystem made especially for Creators, with the goal of introducing scalable equity financing for Creators with their own businesses, kickstarting a new era for the Creator Economy.

We are building a Creator Investment Ecosystem, which is a set of products that help Creators in their journey from starting a business to becoming successful.

We do that by offering Creators the latest cutting-edge technology tools to raise funds through their own audience and monetize their creations or whatever else they want. It works as follows:

  1. Cobogo Social is an evolution of a media kit, intelligent and automated with all the Creators' social media. Its objective is to aggregate all their data and relevant indicators and make it transparent and verifiable;

  2. Cobogo Launchpad is an education and acceleration program for Creators who want to become professionals. It's focused on mastering how to incorporate and run a business, raising capital and use cutting edge tools to launch their own public offering. In addition to participating in a community with other Creators who are going through the same process.

  3. Cobogo DAO is an investment DAO built together with OrigamiDAO, using the Origami Framework. Focused in investing in early/seed stage Creators from all over the world, with the biggest growth potential.

Investors receive equity representing a right to future equity in the Creator's company.

This all means that Cobogo allows Creators to become a business, raise capital for it, and allocate equity to those who invested in them, letting key stakeholders participate in their company's success.

Anyone, from VCs to Creators' own audiences can fund them at any time, with no need for pitches or tiresome negotiations.

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