Week 4 - 20/01/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from January 7th, 2021, to January 20th, 2022.


In the past days, we have continued working on ways to make cobogo competitive while still being beneficial to the community, and mostly active CBG token holders.

We have worked on explaining how our platform's fee system will work, which you can check here.

In addition, we have been discussing our Tokenomics with the Dev Protocol team in order to reach a common agreement.


We're still working on a better way to represent the platform fee's distribution flow.

Along with that, we have been working on how to represent the Creators Social Tokens that will be captured by the cobogo's treasury.


Finally, we are working on implementing Turkish as a new language option for our main website.

For any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram group.

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