Week 35+36 - 12/09/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from August 27th, 2021, to September 12th, 2022

A lot has changed in the past few weeks! We have been busy going to events and presenting cobogo's new scope to the world and to investors. Here's what we've been up to:

Ethereum São Paulo

Cobogo team was selected to join EthSP Launchpad, it was a cozy closed event where we could connect with many interesting projects from Brazil and Latin America.

P. pitched Cobogo to other projects and investors. We are grateful for such an organized event at the great venue of Cubo, many of the projects there were working directly with the Creator Economy and it was really valuable getting their feedback.

At this event, we met Giovana and André from Allga. We presented Cobogo to them and they fell in love with our vision, we also were blown away by their knowledge and at that moment we felt that their vast expertise in the Creator Economy was exactly what we needed to take Cobogo to the next level.

More news regarding this coming in the next weeks!

Youpix Summit

We attended many talks in Youpix Summit - the biggest influencer and Creator Economy summit in Latin AMerica - and we were excited to hear directly from Creators that they not only see themselves and businesses but they really need an infrastructure to back them as startups.

This was really important to validate what we’re building, we are certain that cobogo will have an impact in the Creator Economy.

Non Fungible Conference

We also attended the NFC, a conference for innovations regardings NFTs, in São Paulo. This event was a great opportunity for connecting with other projects and investors as well, and we are really glad for being able to attend so many interesting events.

Connections and New Website

Since we have decided to pivot our idea the team has been working hard on two fronts:

Thiago finished the connections with different social media APIs and Mikael has designed our new website, which now truly shows what we’re building - a Business Infrastructure for Creators.

Cobogo Start, Fundraise and Ventures

We have talked to partners about three of our products. The talks were excellent -- better than we expected! We are advancing fast. These potential partners listened to us, and saw our project with good eyes.

We have talked to VCs and DAOs that could potentially help us build a VC DAO for Creators, and talks went great as well!

More news regarding this soon.

Cobogo Ventures Website

Cobogo Ventures website is live!

If you are a Creator that wants to raise money as startups do today, fill in the form on our website. We will review every application, best candidates could potentially be the ones who will receive an investment from our first fund.

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