Week 43 - 28/11/2022

It's been a while!

Cobogo has been moving forward at top speed! We have decided to post weekly updates again because we believe it's essential to keep the community and investors up-to-date on what we're working on. But don't be mistaken; we haven't stopped working one single day since the last update.

Now with the intro aside, here's what we've worked on the last week:

Official Launch

We had our official Cobogo launch at a party in Florianópolis! It was a big success, and a crowd of about 100 people got to know our project better (and were gifted with some swag).

Cobogo Social

Cobogo Social, one of the products in our ecosystem, is shaping up. We've been adding new features and improving the design every week.

Now, Creators will be able to have their stylized profile/media kit there, and potential investors will be able to search for the Creators that best fit their needs, so they can choose who to invest on. We've recently implemented a new search engine, with cards, that makes that job easier.


This week we attended a crypto conference in Rio de Janeiro. Two of our founders, Giovanna and André, talked about the Creator Economy and presented Cobogo to a 2,000-people audience. We also interviewed for an important TV station in Brazil, talking about Cobogo.

Our efforts this week were mostly directed toward preparing for this presentation.

Origami DAO

We've been working closely with Origami DAO to develop our own Creator DAO. We've been receiving mentoring from them, and we're really excited to what the future holds for this partnership.

Brazilian Community

Brazil has a big community of Creators, probably one of the biggest in the world. As such, we've been working towards building a Brazilian community, and for that, we have started creating content in Portuguese for our Medium and Discord.


We have recently decided to change the tone of voice on Twitter, as a change of strategy, so we can "fit in" better with Creators. We've scratched out the professional/academic tone and adopted a more cheerful one.


Our investment round is open, and consequently, we've been in talks with a few investors who want to be the first to witness the revolution in the Creator Economy.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to be one too!

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