Getting Started

In this page you can learn how to onboard cobogo as a Content Creator.

To have your own Creator Profile, go to

With cobogo, you can have your own personalized Creator Profile that shows all the relevant information about you and your services. Read more about the Creator Profiles here.

To make your Profile, you will have to go through this following onboarding process:

Submitting a Channel

First, you will have to click on "Create your profile" on the main page.

Then, you'll have to submit your channel by connecting to your Social Media account. Your credentials and passwords will not be stored for future network authentications. Only your public data will be shared with Cobogo, this way we can verify your channel and through the Social Media API we will be able to always display your latest numbers on every connection.

Creating a Profile

Once you connect, we will retrieve your public data and automatically generate parts of your profile, but since it's not complete yet, it won't be public. To make it public, make sure to write your bio or a description about your channel, which will be visible to the public, defining the type of content you usually create, and any other information you think should be there.

In addition, you will have to choose a handle for your profile, and the categories your channel is inserted in, so that your profile is more easily found when brands, investors and fans are looking for your profile.

You might want to have all of your social media aggregated in your profile and all of your data automatically updated via API, to do that, connect all of your relevant Social Media in the squares below the bio.

Make sure to add all of your analytics, this is a great way for brands and individuals that want to find niches of Creators that you fit in and don't know you yet. It is also an excellent way to get to know you in more depth.

You can also add a video to show the world who you are as a Creator outside of your creations, what your future ideas and projects are.

You can also add products and services that you currently have to offer, partners that you have worked with and share the stories of you in the media.


After adding the minimum information to you channel , your profile will be live! Share it with everyone, you can use it as your media kit, linktree and a 'Creator crunchbase' profile at the same time.

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