Week 27 - 08/07/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from July 2nd, 2021, to July 8th, 2022


As described in the last Weekly Updates, we have worked in the past few weeks in a document with all of our Tokenomics' details. We have included some features that weren't described in this documentation yet, so we have added them as well.

We believe this document will be a great way to show investors what we have been working on, in a sense that we want them to see we know what we're doing, and everything is well thought out.

You can check cobogo's Tokenomics document through this link.

Our whole Tokenomics section in this documentation has been updated a well.


Last month, we announced here that we had won the Starter Pack Voucher Grant, by Polygon DAO, that would help us with consultancy to further develop our project.

This week we have started conversations with Cope Studios, a design studio that will help us implement some elements from Finity - Polygon's Design System. They have worked with Adidas and Prada and the startups they launched, partnered with or powered have collectively raised over $800 million.

We are very excited to be working with them, especially since they have been very kind, and have already given valuable feedback on our onboarding process.


We are still working on deploying the Creator Profiles, so we can have our Media Market ready as soon as possible.

We have continued talking to some Content Creators who have really liked the idea of having a Media Kit on a platform like cobogo, so we believe this will help us stand out.

You can check our development's progress directly on Github.


Besides finishing the Tokenomics document, which was first intended to be a Medium Article, we are now working on an article about Web2 and Web3 ways for artists to monetize themselves.

Although cobogo will at first be directed to YouTube Content Creators, we want everyone that creates any kind of content or art to be able to join us in the near future. We want everybody to use the benefits of Web3 to achieve financial freedom.

This article will be posted in the upcoming week.

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