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Cobogo Social is the place to advertise the Creator's business to investors, brands and their own audience that is willing to support their businesses. See it as the LinkedIn for all Creators.

Value Proposition

Most Content Creators have gone through the trouble of having to organize a Media Kit. At Cobogo, Creators have a page for their Presentation, which works like a digital resume, displaying their information, work, metrics, audience demographics, and collaboration options.

Presentations can also serve as a way to raise awareness of a Creator's business, so they are really useful for those wanting to raise funds. For that, a well crafted Presentation is an essential tool to any Creator looking to showcase themselves and raise capital for their Creator business with Cobogo Fundraise.

How it works

Cobogo will facilitate the work of Creators by having all their information for a Business Presentation in just one place, where they can showcase themselves, their services and analytics to high-quality clients and investors, in a standardized Creator Profile.

This will also simplify Creators’ and investors' work, since cobogo will match the world's best Creators enlisted in our platform to investors (which could be their own audience).

Revenue Stream

The Presentations in Cobogo Social won't have any additional costs.

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