Week 6 - 04/02/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from January 29th, 2021, to February 4th, 2022


We have launched the website with the adjustments remarked last week, including the Turkish version of it, which was translated by a community member.

We plan to continue adding other languages, so we can reach as many Creators and their communities as possible.

New Dev

We have a new team member, Thiago, a full stack developer focused on the JavaScript ecosystem and web applications development.

Thiago is already working on having the dApp ready for onboarding.

Partnerships and Grants

We have started contacting key YouTubers we think would benefit from our platform, and that could potentially partner up with cobogo.

In addition, we have applied for a Polygon grant, since we think the lower fees are fundamental for our market to grow, and because we think we could help expand the Polygon ecosystem.

New Docs Page

We have added an Overview page, to offer newcomers a quick explanation to what our platform is about.

We plan on adding a "Getting Started" page, to instruct Content Creators that will soon join the waitlist.

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