Week 11 & 12 - 25/03/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from March 5th, 2021, to March 25th, 2022

Ethereum Rio

From March 10th to 16th our team was at Ethereum Rio watching seminars, connecting with other projects, investors and participating on side events.

This was the first event we attended (but surely not the last!), and we have genuinely enjoyed the experience and taken the most out of it. This was also the first time the general public got to know cobogo and what we stand for, and for that we are really thankful.

We're to see what the future holds for all the projects we got to know, and especially for cobogo.


We have posted an article on Medium talking about our new scope as a Content Creator DAO and aggregator of protocols, and about the Pre-Seed round.

We still have two articles on the way, talking about Social Tokens and a tutorial for Patrons.

Check the most recent article here.

Content Creators

We have created a Telegram group with YouTube Creators that wish to know more about cobogo and join the wait list for the platform once it's up. We believe this is a great way to start building a sense of community in them, and informing them of our vision.

If you wish to join this group, send us a message!

Twitter Spaces

On March 22nd, we were invited to participate on a Twitter Spaces chat hosted by Envelop, which allows users to "fine tune" their NFTs, to talk about the future of NFTs.

We believe Envelop could be a great way to insert NFTs into cobogo, either as a part of the pre-seed investment round, or as proof of patronage for Creators. We're really excited for this integration!

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