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Cobogo's mission is to to be the reference creator investment ecosystem with most accelerated creators in the world, allowing them to easily become a business, issue and sell their equity so they can finance and maximize their growth.

In this page we briefly explain the problem that motivated the creation of this project, and in this documentation we will go through how we solve it.

You can also go straight to our Litepaper on Google Docs, by clicking here.

The Creator Economy

We know how difficult it is for Creators of all kinds to make a living out of their creations. Although Web 2.0 has allowed an easily accessible monetization for the masses, some people still struggle. Growing off cash flows is inefficient, especially in an extremely fast-paced market that Creators and Influencers

On the other side, startups are able to raise millions of dollars in a few weeks while Creators often struggle for years to make ends meet. The Startup ecosystem has evolved in terms of financing models, but Creators' ecosystem hasn't developed the same way.

Until now, Creators were treated as mere freelancers, but some of them are disrupting the entire media world by transforming their audience into a scalable buyer empire. Most of them still don't have the tools to catch up with this market opportunity.

In the particular case we are addressing with cobogo, Creators can finally become founders of their own businesses, assembling tools to help them raise funds and to do what they love.

Medium Articles

We constantly post new articles on Medium with the goal of educating people about the benefits of Web3, and how cobogo fits in the Creator Economy, especially for those not that familiar with Blockchain. Here's a quick access to them:

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