Week 17 - 29/04/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from April 23rd, 2021, to April 29th, 2022


This week we started off by posting another article on Medium. This one was about how quantity, that is, the number of likes someone gets on Social Media, is a metric of the past, and Content Creators should focus on acquiring real, true fans. You can check it out here.

We are just finishing an article describing quickly what DAOs are and how they can benefit Creators. We plan on posting it early next week.

We are also working on an article about NFTs and how cobogo will use them, both as a Proof of Active Patronage and as a reward for the Community. Stay tuned.

There's now a section in our Introduction with every article that has been posted so far.


Last week we posted about a prototype we've created of what our platform will look like once it's launched. You can now check it out using your mobile!

To see it, click here.


Our team has been working hard on developing our dapp as fast as possible. This week a lot of progress was made.


We continue on our journey to get funding so we can start developing faster, so this week we have sent out our participation to a few grants.

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