Week 45 - 12/12/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from December 6th, 2022, to December 12th, 2022

Open Position

We have started looking for a new designer! We want someone who will be able to create sleek, eye-catching designs that will allow us to convey our ideas more effectively, along with our UX designer.

We're excited about the work we've done so far, and we want to take it to the next level. We want to communicate what we're doing in a way that's more engaging, more intuitive and more compelling.


While on the design topic, this week we have worked on creating new banners for Twitter and Linkedin. We have also started developing a Brandguide and a new website, with a new UX.

We strongly believe that every design decision helps bridge the gap between Creators and what we're trying to achieve with Cobogo.


This week, we have fixed some bugs on the Cobogo Social website, and have applied filters on the main search page, so people can search for creators based on the main tags.

We have also worked on mobile responsiveness, and have moved the repository on github from public to private, as we don't aim at being an opensource platform any longer.


We continue working on growing our community. We have made a post on Linkedin that has received many impressions, and our group on Whatsapp is very active, with new members coming in every week.

We are really proud on what we've been able to achieve in such short notice, and we're really excited to see what's coming next.

Public Relations

Our CEO, Giovana, is always getting invited to participate in multiple events. This week, she presented Cobogo to a community of Creators and Builders on Floripa Crypto DAy #2.

Giovana also gave an interview to the Brazilian Coin Telegraph.

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