Week 47 - 26/12/2022

Overall, it's been a productive week for the Cobogo team as we continue to make progress in our development and outreach efforts.

WE have been select to Websummit ALPHA program!

]We are thrilled to have been selected for the Websummit ALPHA program in Rio, which will provide us with a valuable opportunity to showcase our platform and connect with key industry players.


We are also seeing growth in our Portuguese speaking community, and have opened a Whatsapp chat for them to stay engaged.


Additionally, we have been in talks with potential investors and creators, and have even started designing a new website. We are also excited to be in talks with a potential MVP who has strong connections in the industry.

Happy Holidays!

As we head into the holiday season, we will be taking a brief break but will be back in action on January 5th to continue pushing forward with our vision for Cobogo.

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