Week 20 - 20/05/2022

Here's cobogo's latest updates, from May 14th, 2021, to May 20th, 2022


We are currently expanding the scope of cobogo to be more than a funding platform.

We have encountered some difficulties onboarding YouTubers to our waitlist, and we think this is mainly because our smart contracts for the funding mechanism are not ready yet, so there is no immediate advantage for them.

For that, we have been thinking of a new strategy to onboard those Creators, and we have come to the conclusion that we need to be more than a monetization platform, especially when that is still in development.

We will now also be an agency that showcases Content Creators to match them with brands looking to hire influencers to advertise their products or projects.

By whitelisting their channel in cobogo, Creators will have their profile page that will also function as a media kit, that advertises their work and collaboration options, so they can be matched with project proposals for generating content.

We believe this to be a great growth mechanism not only for Creators, but also for cobogo.

You can check the design at the end of this page.


A few days ago, a16z, one of the biggest crypto funds in the world, published their 2022 State of Crypto Report, which illustrates the biggest advancements in crypto and how we're walking towards a more cooperative, collaborative, and democratic internet.

We believe cobogo fits perfectly as a solution to the problems presented, and for that, we have posted an article comparing some major points to cobogo.

You can check the article here.

We have also posted a Twitter thread summing the article up, that can be read here.


We have been working on many new things at the same time.

Our developers have been busy implementing the new profile page, upgrading the Referral Program, and on the MVP.

We expect to have some things deployed in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our announcements!


As mentioned above, we have started working on a profile page that works as a Media Kit for the Content Creator. Here's the first version:

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